A world of solutions
1World Direct Ltd provides a complete system and market approach that positions the company above any of the competition. The company has developed itself as a leading global marketing company for new technologies, market places and payment gateways. The Company environment allows alliances to form with a “customer as magnet” strategy which will provide tools to build the marketing and technology platforms to service the global marketing opportunities.

Business Partners
  • HealthMed Services Ltd
  • Asiadok Inc.
  • Clear Lead Enterprises
  • BizConnect 360
  • The Roriama Group
  • W. Technology
  • Alterna Card Services
  • PT Kartu Global Bersama of Indonesia
  • Transaction-24 Card Services HK
  • Total Access Payments Inc.
  • Rome Island Ltd.
  • Bys Inc.
  • Phoenix Enterprises Holding Corp.
  • Indonesia Seafarers Manning Company
  • Viking Financial Inc.

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