Hong Kong (HKSAR) September 10th, 2016
1World Direct Ltd. announced today it has signed a Global Marketing agreement with Rome Island Ltd. a BVI corporation domiciled in Hong Kong. Rome Islands Ltd. is a marketing company specializing in a unique market approach in the Telemedicine Industry. Rome Island Ltd. has created a Tele-Health brand name “TravelDok” (www.traveldok.com). AsiaDok (www.asiadok.com and USADOCONCALL (www.usadoconcall.com) Rome Island Ltd business platform provides a tele-health program for the global community.

Hong Kong (HKSAR), August 27th. 2016
1World Direct Ltd. announced today that the company has signed a Letter of Intent with UCAN Shop Limited, a company existing under the laws of Hong Kong (HKSAR). Ucan is a Telecommunications Media company whose businesses include mobile applications in China (“PP Dong YY”) to provide mobile merchant solutions. Parties are desirous in entering into a market agreement in which the LOI sets the basic parameters. Hong Kong (HKSAR), August 15th. 2016
1World Direct Ltd. announced today it signed a exclusive marketing agreement with AsiaDok Inc. , a corporation registered in the Republic of the Philippines Islands. AsiaDok has exclusive marketing rights for the Philippines, Japan, Cambodia , Thailand and Indonesia to develop and implement tele-health programs and systems.

Las Vegas, Nevada USA, July 21, 2016
1World Direct announced today it has signed a Marketing Agreement with Bys Inc. a Nevada corporation who owns the Mybys Online Shopping Mall, www.mybys.net . Bys Inc’s Mybys Shopping Mall provides consumer shops, books, travel, entertainment tickets, insurance products and receive coupons, discounts, and cash back rewards. 1World Direct is dedicated in expanding the business into the Global Market Place.

Dallas, Texas USA, May 7th. 2016
1World Direct Ltd. announced today it has signed an Independent Contractor Agreement with Discount Cruise City, Inc. located at 1651 N. Collins Blvd., Suite 222, Richardson TX. 1World Direct will provide marketing opportunities for DCC Inc. into the Asia and Australia space.

Sydney New South Wales Australia, April, 15th, 2016
1World Direct Ltd announced today it has signed a Co-Marketing Agreement with RGM Marketing, a business created under the laws of New South Wales, Australia. Both Companies are desirous of increasing the capacity to cross-market business between Australia, Asia and the USA.

Hong Kong (HKSAR) March 1, 2016
1World Direct Ltd. announced today it has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Total Access Payments (HK) Ltd. TAP and 1World Direct Ltd. shall mutually refer business relationships in the interests of providing additional services to clients. This will include but not limited to: corresponding bank accounts , card issuing, acquiring and electronic transfer capabilities.

Health Med Services (OTC: HEME) April 17th, 2015
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - W Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: WTCG) announced today that it has completed the sale of its interest in a Joint Venture with 1World Direct Hong Kong to HealthMed Services, Ltd., (OTC PINK: HEME) pending the full update of the Health Med Services to a full report OTCBB company.

Hong Kong (HKSAR)December 23, 2015
1WorldDirect Ltd. announced today it has signed a Co-Marketing Agreement with Accent!Intermedia LLC. Accent currently operates as a comprehensive gift card and rewards program fulfillment management company. The Company offers card design, e-commerce programming, warranty and incentive solutions, digital gifting solutions and fulfillment for business to business to consumer interactions. 1World Direct will consult and introduce open loop debit card opportunities within a Co-Marketing Agreement.

Hong Kong (HKSAR) (July, 15, 2014)
1World Direct Ltd. signed a marketing agreement with Roraima Financial Services. The Roramia Group offers custom solutions for your business needs. We help businesses utilize the power of the internet for faster processing of transactions and provide customized management information system reports for their customer database. We design and build e-business solutions and offer electronic e-commerce access for bill payment.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA-- - May 28, 2015,
1World Direct Ltd. Hong Kong, (www.1worlddirect.net) has signed a Global Marketing Agreement with Social Leaders LLC doing business as BizConnect360, an Anaheim Hills, California-based company.BizConnect360 (www.Bizconnect360.com) was engineered to be one of the most comprehensive set of business tools ever created. The program was originally designed for the insurance industry and then it transformed into a one stop portal that small to large businesses can utilize. BizConnet360 is an ultimate business tool that will become the standard by which similar programs will be measured. The brilliance behind BizConnet360 is its all-inclusive easy to use platform that all sales professionals have been waiting for. BizConnect360 is a turnkey sales funnel system, which brands clients and affiliates and is easily to enroll in and begin using immediately. 1 World Direct Ltd. in coordination with another of its JV partners Cloud Lead Enterprises LLC has launched a global sales campaign that will begin in the US, Europe and Austral Asia. Cloud Leads Enterprises (CLE) foresees the potential of BizConnect360 and has structured a sales and marketing program that will generate larger revenues on an ongoing basis.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2015)
W Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTCG) (www.wtechnologies.biz) announced today that newly-signed Joint Venture Partner, 1World Direct Ltd. Hong Kong, has signed a marketing agreement with Total Access Payments, a Hong Kong corporation. 1World Direct Ltd. has moved forward to provide its customers with a fully-developed and operational eWallet and pre-paid debit card program, both co-branded and private labeled. This agreement with TAP enables 1World Direct Ltd. to be an international solution as a global card services and transaction facilitator for Network Marketing Companies, providing a two-way, pay-in and pay-out international solution which costs the merchant very little and lowers overall banking costs for distributors. In greater Asia, this simplifies payroll for governments, merchants, temporary or permanent staffing companies and non-profits with geographically diverse outreach. It gives the "Unbanked" population 100% approval for applicants for virtual account and optional debit card as long as they have valid government-issued photo identification. These cards enable shopping or online bill-payments and eliminate money order fees, the cost of postage, Western Union fees, and check cashing fees.

Honk Kong (HKSAR) (January, 10 2015)
1World Direct US signs a distribution agreement with Alterna Card Services. Alterna Card Services is a full-service Sales and Marketing company in the Hispanic, Caribbean and unbanked markets. Strategic partners include leaders in the payment processing, financial services, and retail distribution industries. Together with these strategic partners, Alterna Card Services provides our customers with financial services and electronic funds management and funds-movement products and services specifically designed for them. Alterna distributes its products and services through its retail and corporate partners.

Hong Kong (HKSAR) December, 6, 2014
1World Direct Ltd. signs a reseller agreement with Redfieldlane Consulting Limited. Redfieldlane Consulting predominantly targets medium-sized UK and European technology companies wanting to distribute and sell their products and services into Asia. Many such companies generally cannot afford to set up their own marketing and support and rely on outsourcing until such stage the market can justify the use of their own resources. Reseller agreement targets the T-24 Black Visa Debit card for distribution thru Southeast Asia countries.

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