1WORLD DIRECT Ltd is a Hong Kong Corporation with headquarters in Hong Kong, (HKSAR).

1WORLD DIRECT Ltd is a diversified holding company providing global marketing solutions in partnership with emerging technologies, effective positioning and unique global marketing strategies.

1WORLD DIRECT Ltd integrated marketing programs and a comprehensive understanding of the market opportunity is creating viable independent revenue channels shared between strategic partners. Direct-to-consumer marketing through multiple channels will combine sales to businesses and organizations and through business-to-business marketing leverage the branding opportunities presented by private labels and affiliate programs associated with 1WORLD DIRECT LTD.

1WORLD DIRECT Ltd has developed a complete system and market approach that positions the company above its direct competition and gives clients substantial advantages and assurances. In partnership with global technology providers and global marketing companies and managed by our staff of qualified international business professionals forms the core of the company.

1WORLD DIRECT Ltd is a leading consultant and manager of stored value cards for consumers and money transfer providers; leveraging the integration of private-label, branded cards and global marketing companies. The company is providing access to stored value cards for consumers through its multiple distributions channels.

1WORLD DIRECT Ltd licensing opportunities with complementary businesses and our search for synergistic marketing partners will insure our continued growth.

1WORLD DIRECT Ltd mission is to insure the global financial market place with effective alternative global financial solutions.

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